What are the specificities of Neom’s The Line project?

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To radically transform its civilization, Saudi Arabia has thought of a megaproject with a linear city 170 km long. This is NEOM’s The Line project, which aims to create a linear complex on three levels with no carbon footprint. The said project is a key element of Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030. It should help attract investors in order to help give a better image of Saudi Arabia internationally. This guide offers you the different specificities of NEOM’s The Line project.

The NEOM investment fund and its strategic objectives

The cost of NEOM is estimated at $500 billion. Indeed, Saudi Vision 2030 NEOM essentially plans enormous expenses which will be financed by the privatization of part of the national oil company, Saudi Aramco. The first phase of construction, which is expected to last until 2030, would cost around $300 billion. Saudi Arabia’s sovereign wealth fund will cover half of the investment in the first phase of construction.

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The remaining $200 billion should come from private, local, international investments and funds raised by the IPO of the company responsible for the NEOM project. The objective of the NEOM project is to house one million people, contribute to 380,000 jobs, etc., in order to generate 48 billion dollars in the national GDP by 2030. Which will constitute a new boost to achieve desired economic diversification.

The lifestyle and facilities expected by expatriates in NEOM

NEOM’s The Line project covers an area of 26,500 square kilometers. It includes smart cities, research centers, tourism centers, ports, sports and entertainment venues. Unlike classic cities, The Line is devoid of vehicles. The emphasis will be on walking, electric mobility devices and cycling. This will ensure the absence of carbon emissions and an unpolluted environment.

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This linear city will provide a safe haven for nine million people living in an interconnected society driven by AI. The focus is on walking, clean energy and technology. It is a new way of life overcoming the challenges of conventional cities. NEOM’s goal is to provide residents with a seamless living experience that can integrate fundamental services, green spaces, leisure facilities and within a five-minute walk.

Professional diversity in NEOMs

One of the most remarkable achievements of Vision 2030 is the emancipation of Saudi women. In the past, women were subject to strict restrictions in terms of mobility, education and participation in economic life. But, the NEOM project would bring important reforms allowing women to access jobs and undertake business projects, etc. These different changes will open up new opportunities for Saudi women with the aim of changing traditional family dynamics.

Cultural diversity in NEOM

The field of tourism and entertainment in Saudi Arabia has also been the subject of particular transformations. Saudi Arabia has long been recognized for its holy sites and its conservative culture, which is now opening up to international tourism. The NEOM could attract visitors from all over the world. Residents and tourists could have access to several types of leisure activities (international concerts, amusement parks, cinemas, sporting events, etc.). These changes will create an ever-changing entertainment and tourism landscape. Which will broaden the horizons of the Saudi population.

In summary, NEOM is an ambitious project offering a multitude of opportunities not only to investors, but also to expatriates in different sectors. It offers a lifestyle almost opposite to that found in conventional cities. Cultural and professional diversity will be governed by artificial intelligence. This new Saudi zone therefore represents an excellent futuristic investment opportunity.

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